Our Michigan forests have the ability to provide natural capital which will be the foundation of our green economy. The sustainable management of our forests during the production of forest biomaterials is a critical requirement for our communities, both human and ecological. As we work toward that goal of sustainability, a comprehensive plan must be create that takes into consideration how forest biomaterials will enable us to develop the three facets of the Green Economy–social, environmental, and economic sustainability.

Our transition to a Green Economy has just begun to build momentum. With Michigan’s hard work, the Green Economy will result in improved human well-being and social equity, and the reduction of environmental risks and ecological scarcities. The Green Economy has many sectors (energy, buildings, transport, water, waste management, agriculture etc.), including the forest, which plays a critical role in the functioning of each of the other sectors. Michigan’s large forest base provides the ingredients, and through strategic investments, dedication, and wise stewardship we can realize a Green Economy in Michigan.